Cape Soccer School

Cape Soccer School is a professional coaching platform that prepares youth players ( U5 – U14) for clubs across all levels. We provide specialised training tailored to enhance player’s skills and techniques. Skills trained includes Ball Control, Passing and Receiving, Dribbling, Shooting, Defending, Attacking and Scoring opportunities.

The program builds character and develops key team skills through a range of drills and exercises targeted to fast track player development.

cape soccer school

Why Cape Soccer School?

  • Cape Soccer School coaches are highly qualified and experienced.
  • Each Training season is individually tailored for youth participation and aimed at maximising their development.
  • Our coaches don’t only focus on the fundamental physical and ball skills but also on mental strength and through process.
cape soccer school

More Involved

Fewer players in a smaller space, result in payers getting in contact with the ball up to 5X more often.

Studies have shown the small – sided game enhances players development.


Less time and space on the ball forces players to improve their touch, control, agility and decision making.

Comprehensive Skill Development.

Players have to play every position, it simply means from defence through to attack.


Acquire The Professional Level Of Football

About Our Coaches

Our coaches have more than 10 years combined professional experience. We believe that their understanding of professional football means they have the required skills and knowledge to help develop your ability.

Training Techniques

The ability to control the ball is the key to many other skills, and juggling is also a very good way to practise ball control, getting familiar with the ball and gaining confidence. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to master.

Our Champions

Our athletes receive position-specific coaching with digital video analysis to break down technique and make lasting improvements. Players will improve balance, movement, concentration, an flexibility